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Publish and Share on meshvalley

Save the data of your 3D models on meshvalley and integrate them in your e-commerce store

On meshvalley, 3D models can be moved, rotated, enlarged or reduced in scale in real time. Optionally, they can be brought into one’s own environment using AR on the smartphone.

The main menu of meshvalley offers an overview of all 3D models. In addition to the title and a small-format image, the user receives information about the number of clicks, comments and likes. By means of a search function, one can search for desired terms in the title or the assigned tags.

If one clicks on a 3D model, it appears enlarged in a new window and the user receives information about the 3D designer, when the model was uploaded, general information about the object, the sales price (if available), the assigned tags and categories as well as quantitative model information (number of Meshes, Materials, Vertices, Triangles, Textures, HDR Textures, File size). In a bar below the object, the user has the possibility to select the camera position, the render mode, the lighting and the textures.

All models have “Physically Based Rendering” (PBR) quality and are assigned to at least one of a total of 23 categories: “Aircraft, Animals, Architecture, Art, Cars, Electronics, Fashion, Food, Furniture, Gadgets, Heritage, Home, Industry, Military, Miscellaneous, People, Plants, Science, Space, Sports, Technology, Vehicles, Watercraft”.

Basically, any registered 3D designer can upload their models to meshvalley. Models exhibiting problematic content can be reported and are reviewed/censored by Scanergy. Non-commercial 3D models can be downloaded by the user free of charge and used for the purposes stated in the Terms and Conditions. Commercial 3D models can be purchased via a user license.