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Scanergy has created an Ecosystem for capturing, sharing and communicating 3D Models


Probably the biggest changes that digitization has brought so far were the invention of the www in the 1990s and the emergence of social media about 10 years ago. Both events had a lasting impact on society and the way people communicate with each other today.

Now there are indications that the digitization of the physical world, i.e., the emergence of the Metaverse, could be the next disruptive technological revolution.

Scanergy was founded in August 2020 with the vision of creating the world’s first ecosystem for capturing, sharing and communicating 3D models, contributing to the Metaverse.

From our point of view, there are three important requirements for the creation of the Metaverse:

The creation of high-quality 3D models, preferably with a mobile device
A cloud with which 3D data can be efficiently stored and shared
A software that can be used to communicate 3D models

Accordingly, we have developed an ecosystem with three coordinated products:

The use of amscan is free and the main goal is to lead as many users as possible to meshvalley and aahaa.