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Capture 3D Objects with amscan

amscan allows you to scan objects with your phone and share 3D models with your friends and colleagues

We are aware that amscan will only be successful if we achieve a subjective scanning accuracy of almost 100% and the 3D models generated are photorealistic, i.e. visually hardly distinguishable from the original.

From our point of view, four conditions must be fulfilled for us to be able to place amscan on the mass market:

  • The quality of the 3D models, i.e., the geometric resolution of the shape as well as the pixel density of the patterns on the object surface, must be comparable to the product photos used in web stores today
  • The 3D models generated via AR must be photo-realistically inserted into the desired environment
  • The app must be user-friendly and compatible with e-commerce and social media platforms
  • There must be no fees for the user

The use of amscan is deliberately kept simple. After downloading the app from, the user starts the app and can choose between different activities. For object recognition, he surrounds the object with a virtual “dome” and circles his object in this mode, with visual support from the app (Figure left). After all image segments have been scanned, the user receives a preview of the captured individual images (Figure center left).

After uploading the data to the “” (mindcraft AG, Langenthal), the user can initiate the 3D reconstruction by clicking on “Start Photogrammetry” (Figure center right). After a few minutes, the user receives a notification and can interactively examine the 3D model and optionally view it in AR (Figure right).

The 3D models created with amscan can be published and shared on and can be made freely available or offered for sale.