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We have a Vision and trust in our Strengths

As a management team, we have a desire to bring together the best software and marketing minds. Scanergy provides them with an environment where they feel at home, with an internal culture of mutual respect, sincerity, honesty, focus, technical expertise and long-term goals.

Christian Loos, CDO

Josua Hönger, CIO

Ralph Zahn, CBO

Christian Loos, Chief Development Officer

“3D graphics and rendering have always fascinated me. In recent years, this passion has extended to capturing the real world, and my goal of perfectly mapping it using algorithms drives me every day.

After studying computer science, I worked in the field of web applications for a few years, but along the way I’ve always been interested in creating real-time 3D animations and exploring techniques to store and render them as efficiently as possible. From this motivation I founded the group “Brain Control”, which has won several awards in the field of real-time computer graphics.

Later, together with Josua, I was employed as a freelancer by the Israeli company Mantis Vision, which deals with 3D scanning. There I was responsible, among other things, for visualization and graphical user interfaces for controlling the scanners.

At Scanergy, I’m responsible for software development, especially algorithm implementation and data processing in the cloud.”

Josua Hönger, Chief Innovation Officer

“Out of curiosity, I have always been passionate about 3D graphics topics. I love pushing boundaries, trying new things and ultimately turning my insights into sustainable business. My vision and role at Scanergy is to revolutionize the AR market!

As a teenager, I was so gripped by the fascination of graphics programming that I couldn’t shake the thought of filling all the canvases in the world with the most beautiful shapes and colors and mathematical patterns. With this vision in mind, I practiced for years as a programmer and later as an entrepreneur, getting closer to this goal step by step. Finally, at the age of 30, the long-awaited breakthrough came when “my software” (which has since been further developed by a whole team) made the breakthrough and has since been used as a market-leading solution in professional show biz at the world’s major stage shows: Eurovision Song Contest, various Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas, spectacular TV shows (American Idol, Deutschland sucht den Superstar, Music Star Superbowl Halftime Show), countless 3D building projections, etc.

Starting in 2013, a very exciting collaboration with the Israeli company Mantis Vision arose through fortunate circumstances, where I got the opportunity to work as a “Remote Lead Programmer” with a team of my choice at the forefront of developing solutions in the then just emerging market of “3D sensor technology for smartphones”. It was through this collaboration that I eventually met Chris – now Scanergy’s Chief Development Officer. The success of our work was not long in coming: Within 5 years, our developments enabled Mantis Vision to raise $2 million, then $9 million, and finally $55 million in multiple rounds of investment.

In 2018, I had a fervent desire to tackle innovative ideas myself with an outstanding team. This led to the founding of mindcraft GmbH (renamed AG in 2021) in August 2018, the establishment of a value-based management, the building of a core team of experts and the technical development of an ecosystem from which Scanergy could now be born as the most outstanding of all ideas.

Parallel to my work as a programmer and entrepreneur, I started studying at the ETH Zurich and completed a part-time degree at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland. Married young, I am now the father of 4 children. I was able to learn that the same basic values in the family also apply to a sustainably healthy company.

My main task at Scanergy is the development of disruptive apps in combination with corresponding key technologies in the cloud. My numerous and long-standing contacts from previous jobs help Scanergy in strategically crucial partnerships with ambitious go-to-market strategy.”

Dr. habil. Ralph Zahn, Chief Business Officer

“After devoting part of my life with great enthusiasm to the natural sciences and trying to understand what holds the world together, I am now concerned with the disruptive technologies of our time that will hopefully change our society for the better.

In my scientific career, I have mainly focused on the structure and function of proteins to better understand the biochemical processes in the cell. After receiving my doctorate summa cum laude from the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry in Martinsried in 1994, I completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Cambridge in England and was an assistant professor at ETH Zurich for several years. There I led my own research group in close collaboration with Prof. Kurt Wüthrich (Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2002). Together with him we elucidated the first 3D structure of human and bovine prion proteins by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. I received the Venia Legendi in 2001 for the teaching area of molecular biology and biophysics.

My patent applications at ETH Zurich led me to found Biosafety GmbH in 2003, my first company for licensing & technology transfer in the life sciences. Alicon AG, which I founded in 2004, also in Zurich, focuses on prion safety of pharmaceutical products. Priavoid GmbH, which I co-founded in 2007, is looking for novel therapies for the treatment of neurological diseases based on D-peptides. In 2014, I founded Livenity GmbH in Zurich, a consulting firm that helps visionary inventors and startups raise capital and develop and commercialize innovative products.

In addition to my own startups, I served as a board member in various companies: 2010-2014 at Biocrates AG in Innsbruck (metabolic research and diagnostics for personalized medicine), 2015-2018 at Platomics GmbH in Vienna (marketplace for personalized medicine), and 2019 until today at mindcraft AG in Langenthal, Bern. The focus of my work as a board member has always been on raising capital, building strategic partnerships and product sales.

At Scanergy, I will take care of entrepreneurial, business and legal issues, especially capital raising as well as contract negotiations with investors and strategic partners. My many years of experience as a founder, board member and in project management will be of great benefit to the company. My vision is to contribute to the 3D transformation of the Internet with Scanergy.”