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Present 3D Models with aahaa

Impress your audience and gain more attention in AR video conferences

aahaa is Scanergy’s latest and possibly most innovative product development. aahaa offers the possibility to present objects and products via a virtual camera in a video conference. The 3D models are located in a gallery, containing a selection of meshvalley models. With aahaa, users have the possibility to communicate with the interlocutors of a videoconference and to present or explain 3D models in a vivid way.

With aahaa, users have the ability to make videoconferences more innovative and engaging, and to increase attention to the presenter. Potential uses for aahaa include business conferences, sales presentations and influencer stories, and in academia, online lectures, training and consulting. aahaa is compatible with video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Webex Meetings and GoToMeeting.

The user downloads the app with a virtual camera. The app is self-explanatory and the user is guided in his activities by precise text instructions. To begin, he selects an object of his choice from the Gallery. With the left mouse button, the object can be rotated in all directions, and with the right mouse button it can be moved in space. Optionally, one has the possibility to remotely control the 3D model with a smartphone after prior calibration. In the aahaa window and in the video conference, the impression is given that the selected 3D model is floating freely in space.